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Finally, one popular but exaggerated symptom is an increase in sexual urgency, mostly between the 5th and 8th month, when hormonal changes and physical discomfort such as nausea disappear. Some pregnant women reported a decrease in sexual interest, due to prolonged discomfort or psychological aspects such as not feeling "attractive" to pursue sexual activity, meaning that being pregnant affects their self-sense of beauty.

Until the mid 20th century, it was considered a socio-moral "taboo" action for pregnant women to engage in sexual activities. However, that perception has changed today. Sex during pregnancy is a low-risk behavior except when the physician advises that sexual intercourse be avoided, which may, in some pregnancies, lead to serious pregnancy complications or health issues such as a high-risk for premature labor or a ruptured uterus. Such a decision may be based upon a history of difficulties in a previous childbirth.

Some psychological research studies in the 1980s and '90s contend that it is useful for pregnant women to continue to have sexual activity. This is because studies find that those who have sex more than once a week feel less emotionally tense and more confident in the perception of their appearances. Some studies also suggest that they have less painful or quickened labors, which some physicians believe might be because sexual intercourse serves as a type of pelvic exercise


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