Nursery Rhyme Lyrics and Childrens Songs

Search and find hundreds of different Nursery Rhyme Lyrics along with words to Children Songs and Poems. the definition of a nursery rhyme is a traditional song or poem taught to children. In many instances these started being taught in the nursery but did not end there. There are benefits to teaching children the lyrics to nursery rhymes as they can assists in the development of vocabulary and counting skills. A well known example of a counting rhyme starts with the lyrics; One Two Buckle My Shoe. Nursery Rhymes also introduce children to the enjoyment music brings along with actions and/or dances.

Nursery Rhyme Lyrics and Chlidrens Songs

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Baa Baa Black Sheep
Baa Baa Black Sheep - Alternative Version
Baby And I
Baby Dolly
Baby Things
Ballad of the Jelly-Cake
Bandy Legs
Barber Barber
Barney Bodkin
Bat, Bat, Come Under My Hat
Bear Went Over the Mountain
Beg Parding Mrs Harding
Bell Horses
Bessies Song To Her Doll
Bessy Bell And Mary Gray
Betty Botter Bought Some Butter
Billy Billy
Billy Boy
Bird Song
Birds of a Feather
Bits of Paper
Black I Am and Much Admired
Bless You Bless
Blind Man's Buff
Block City
Blow Wind Blow
Blue Bell Boy
Bo Peep and Boy Blue
Bo-bo Ski Watten Totten
Bobby Shafto's gone to sea
Bonnie Bee
Bonny Sailor Boy
Bow Wow
Bow Wow Wow
Boy and Girl
Boy and the Sparrow
Bread And Milk
Brian O'Lin
Bring Back Your Sheep
Brow Bender
Burnie Bee
Buttercup Poppy Forget-Me-Not

Nursery rhymes are a fun and interactive way to teach children about music, rhyme and language. Teach your children the lyrics to many different nursery rhymes. This has other benefits like important contact time with your children along with giving them the words and lyrics to rhymes that they in turn can pass to their children?


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About Nursery Rhymes

 Nursery Rhymes

A nursery rhyme is a traditional song or poem taught to young children, originally in the nursery. Learning nursery rhymes lyrics assists in the development of vocabulary and in some cases basic counting skills. It also introduces children to enjoy music. Often actions, movement or dances are associated with these nursery rhymes and children songs.

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