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A Wendy house, also known as a Cubby House , play house or Tree House, is a small toy house usually of a strong fabric, made for children to play in. The name originates from the character Wendy in the play Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie, who kept house for Peter and the Lost Boys.

In Northern England, Wendy houses / Cubby Houses are also used as practical and portable survival refuges, in the event of getting lost on the moors.

In South Africa, Cubby Houses / Wendy houses are normally pre-fabricated timber sheds which are delivered by a small truck and erected in the back yard as either a play area for children or for the storage of garden tools.

In Australia cubby houses (or colloquially "cubby" or "cubbies") were historically built by children (with perhaps some help from older persons) from found or scrap materials often in out-of-the-way places in the garden or in waste ground areas. They were by their nature impermanent structures often lasting for a season or two or just for a school holiday. Latterly however, with safety concerns becoming more of a focus and children playing less frequently outside of the family home's garden, construction has been more formalized with kits and even fully-built units being available commercially.


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About Nursery Rhymes

 Nursery Rhymes

A nursery rhyme is a traditional song or poem taught to young children, originally in the nursery. Learning nursery rhymes lyrics assists in the development of vocabulary and in some cases basic counting skills. It also introduces children to enjoy music. Often actions, movement or dances are associated with these nursery rhymes and children songs.

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 Baby and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life, but it can also be a nerve racking and exhausting period of your life. In this time a woman’s body will go through many changes that you need to cope with while the parents to be are anticipating a monumental change in their life once the little one arrives.

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