One person represents the huntsman, the other players call themselves after some part of the huntsman's belongings; for instance, one is the cap, another the horn, others the powder flask, gun, whip, etc.

A number of chairs are arranged in the middle of the room, and there must be one chair less than the number of players, not counting the huntsman.

The players then seat themselves round the room, while the huntsman stands in the center and calls for them one at a time, in this way: Powder flask! At once Powder flask rises and takes hold of the huntsman's coat.

Cap, Gun, Shot, Belt, the huntsman cries; each person who represents these articles must rise and take hold of the player summoned before him, until at length the huntsman has a long line behind him. He then begins to run round the chairs, until he suddenly cries: Bang! when the players must sit down. Of course, as there are not sufficient chairs, one player will be left standing and he must pay a forfeit. The huntsman is not changed throughout the game, unless he grows tired, when he may change places with one of the others.

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Patchwork Illustrations

For this game it is necessary for the host to collect a large number of pictures from magazines, advertisement pages or papers. These are placed in the centre of a table around which the players are seated. Each guest is provided with a paper at the top of which is written a quotation. The host announces that each player is to illustrate his or her quotation with the pictures provided. The pictures are pasted on the papers, and if necessary, a background can be made with pencil or pen and ink. The papers are then arranged on a table for inspection and a prize is awarded for the best illustration.


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About Nursery Rhymes

 Nursery Rhymes

A nursery rhyme is a traditional song or poem taught to young children, originally in the nursery. Learning nursery rhymes lyrics assists in the development of vocabulary and in some cases basic counting skills. It also introduces children to enjoy music. Often actions, movement or dances are associated with these nursery rhymes and children songs.

Baby and Pregnancy

 Baby and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life, but it can also be a nerve racking and exhausting period of your life. In this time a woman’s body will go through many changes that you need to cope with while the parents to be are anticipating a monumental change in their life once the little one arrives.

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